Raffaello Sanzio in the School of Athens imagines the ancient world but uses a new language that belongs to the order of the new world.

‹‹ Original ideas are not important: actually, original ideas don't exist. Ideas are received and re-expressed. We say 'I got an idea', not 'I created an idea'. Etymologically, to invent means to find, not to create.. ››

(Gio Ponti da “Amate l’architettura”, 1957)


We have a great responsibility: to draw from the knowable and imagine a new vision, clear, essential, pure... this is where the man and woman of tomorrow will live. Beautiful and extraordinary commitments are required for our understanding and generosity.


Innovation is the practical application of an invention, or an idea, and it concerns a process whose purpose must guarantee social progress.
Often, however, in our society Companies are put in competition, the consequence may be a reduction of quality to ensure a lower cost, this is a serious problem for progress. We in opposition have decided to join in a network of companies, which encourages cost containment and the certainty that our synergies are an added value able to guarantee innovative solutions in line with social progress.